Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact
You can contact us anytime you like! Just send us an email via our contact form and we will help sort out any questions or queries you may have.  

I have a question about a product, who do I contact?
Any questions about products that appear on the website should be sent via our contact form and our team will help you out. 

Will my personal information be shared with third parties?
Brands will only have access to the details they require to fulfil your order and are permitted to obtain only the personal information they require to deliver their service. We take reasonable steps to ensure that these organisations are bound be confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your personal information. 


How do I create an account?
To create an account, head to our registration page, fill in the form and voila, you have officially joined the #changerevolution and are now a part of the community.  

How do I update my account details?
To update your account, first you will need to login. Once you have done this, proceed to your profile, where you can select Edit Account and update any of your details. 


Am I paying extra for my donation to charity? 
No, this one’s on us! 2% of your purchase is donated on your behalf to the Bears and Butterflies foundation. This way you get to pay the same price for products, but are also helping to contribute to various charities. 

Who is the Bears and Butterflies foundation?
The B&B Foundation is a foundation that was founded by a group of social entrepreneurs who want to create a better world for future generations to live in. We chose the B&B Foundation because they help a range of causes and charities, with positive impact at the heart of everything they do.

How do I recommend where I would like B&B charitable donations to go?
B&B help to support a range of charities and causes, which you can help guide in where you would like them to contribute most. Simply login to your account and head to your profile, click on Edit Account and scroll down to My Preferences where you can drag the order of B&B charities to suit your preference.

What is Round Up?
Our Round Up feature allows you to round your purchases to the nearest $5, $10, $20 or custom dollar, which you can allocate in your profile. Once you have designated your preference in your profile, each time you checkout we will use your profile default to Round Up, and every one of those extra cents will go straight to the Bears and Butterflies Foundation.

What if I don’t want to Round Up?
You can chose to deselect the Round Up amount each time when you checkout, or you may turn off this feature in your profile.


How much does delivery cost?
Unfortunately, our delivery is not free, but we are working very hard to try and make this possible! At this stage we charge a flat rate of $10 shipping for any orders under $150. Order over $150 receive free shipping. All international orders come with a $20 shipping fee. Head to our shipping page for more info. 

How long does delivery take?
Delivery can take 1-10 days depending on your location and where the brand you have purchased from is located. 

What happens if I purchase products from multiple brands in the same order?
Multiple deliveries! Who doesn't love the excitement of getting a delivery? Well, by ordering from multiple brands you will receive a package from each of these brands, which also means your packages may not all arrive on the same day.

My order is damaged/faulty, what do I do?
Oh no! If there are any issues with your item send an email via our contact form and we will help to sort it out. 


Can I return my purchase? 
Most products can be returned and exchanged, however this depends on each brand’s policy. If you would like to return an item you purchased through send us an email via our contact form and we will help to sort everything out.


How do I become part of the community?
Are you a brand with a social conscious and passion to make the world a better place? Or are you wanting to change your processes to become an ethical brand in the future? Then head over to our brand registration page to register your interest and someone from our friendly team will be in contact with you to see how you can be a part of the #changerevolution.